Adorable Mermaid Bubble Hooded Blanket

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Are you a Mermaid Lover? This is the Beautiful Mermaid Bubble Hooded Blanket you've been waiting for!

"Never Let Anyone Burst Your Bubble"

The best gift ideas for girl, woman, wife, bestie, men, husband, Mermaid Lover or people who just love our design.

Great for Birthday gifts, Independence Gifts, Christmas gifts, Woman's day gifts, Valentine gifts, Anniversary gifts or any special occasion.

Product Features

Features a premium suede polyester print for beautiful color vibrancy.

Interior lining is constructed from an ultra-soft polyester wool-like fabric for warmth and comfort.

Edges are embroided with a handmade stitch for maximum durability and a homemade feel.

Comes in 2 sizes:
Adult: Measuring 80″ wide x 60″ tall
Youth: (Age 4-10) Measuring 45″ wide x 60″ tall

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