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Color Wrapped Cloth Shoes for Camping, Hiking, Biking or any Outdoor Sports

Original price $126.99
Current price $68.95

These shoes wrap around your feet like socks! The wrapping sole for everywhere you go, and everything you do! A fashionable, packable shoe you take everywhere!

These Special Shoes are popular in water sports and feverishly loved by camping lovers. When you wear water shoes sliding on the water, just like walking on land, smooth and flexible. So when you go camping these shoes is a correct choice in your camping backpack by feature soft, elastic and can be bent as a small piece, which is easy to put into a pocket and take it wherever you want. And design very fashion suitable for both men and women. This will be the best gift ever for who love camping activities.

Shoes Sole Material:Rubber

Shoes Vamp Material:Lycra

Shoes Inside Material:Cotton



These shoes are suitable for any outdoor sports: camping, hiking, biking...

Girls' choose size smaller than the actual size