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Stainless Steel Pellet Smoker Tube 12'' Hexagon BBQ Smoke Generator

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Pellet Smoker Tube 12'' Perforated Stainless Steel BBQ Smoke Generator To Add Smoke Flavor to All Grilled Foods Easily and Safely

  • ★FANTASTIC FOR COLD SMOKING, GRILLING and more - Used to cold smoke meat, fish, cheese, nut up to 4 hours in an electric smoker. Add a wonderful touch of smoke to things hotter and faster.
  • ★BUILT TO LAST - 100% stainless steel material, portable 12'' x 2'', light weight, thick and durable. Works with with all kinds of grills like gas burner, charcoal, electric and portable grills.
  • ★PREVENT FROM ROLLING AROUND THE GRILL GRATES - Amazing Hexagon shaped tube-smoker helps this stay in place during smoking.
  • ★EASY TO USE & CLEAN - Fill with full of pellets, light the pellets with a propane torch about 1min, burn them for 10min and get 3-4 hours of smoke. Clean up with a bottle brush for the inside and simple dish rag for outside.

Make your BBQ party more juicy and tasty with this superiority Pellets Tube Smoker.

Features and Advantages:
• Made of 100% stainless steel, makes this strong and never break, bend or rust. This pellet smoker is built to last.

• This BBQ Smoke Generator is designed with Hexagon shape, keeps it stay where you put and prevents the smoker from rolling. Ultra fine perforated stainless steel mesh helps to keep the wood pellets inside until they all burn and the small holes allows the free passage of smoke flavor to everything.

• It can be used with all kinds of grills like gas grills, charcoal grills, electric grills and portable grills. Enjoy your outdoor picnic with your family and friends with this awesome smoker tube. Designed in Portable demensions, takes up very little space on your grates.

• It makes an excellent gift for any occasion; birthdays, Christmas, holidays, housewarming etc.

Looking for a perfect smoker tube for grill? You're in the right place!

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